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Revelation: Handbook for Spiritual Warfare (CD or MP3)



The final book of the New Testament, Revelation, has puzzled Bible students for centuries, filled as it is with coded language and veiled allusions to kingdoms both of this world and beyond.

This two-CD talk is intended to aid today’s Bible student by unpacking Revelation’s many spiritual lessons and applying them to current needs.

Contents include explanations of the book’s structure, of its political and historical context and authorship and a description of many metaphors that hark back to specific verses in the Hebrew Scriptures.

What was so obvious to 1st-century audiences, who dealt first-hand with the trauma of the Roman Empire’s efforts to stop anything unlike itself, is not as obvious to 21st-century readers. Yet here is the revelation of Jesus Christ as told by the angels to John of Patmos and, in turn, as told by John of Patmos to the Christian churches.

Anyone in a faith community will recognize the many states of thought being addressed and will simultaneously see how this “revealing” includes answers to the toughest church challenges.

The talk is broken into chapters conducive to Bible study by individuals or groups. It has an accompanying Revelation Bible Study Workbook that contains questions for each chapter.

You can order a CD of this audio lecture by mail or download an MP3 of it instantly.

Runtime: 2 hours, 24 minutes

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