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The Seismic Breakthrough of the Hebrews

I had the privilege of recently being in the South of France, where we saw the prehistoric art of the Chauvet Cave. You probably remember when this magnificent discovery was made in the 1990s of cave drawings created some 30,000 years ago. Nothing prepared me for their power and beauty, their contemporary timelessness, and the […]

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Weather! Heaven Help Us!”

“Heaven Help Us!” You’ve probably heard that expression — especially these days, when erratic weather patterns seem to be invading so many parts of the world. It’s a kind of watered-down version of a cry for help in dealing with something that seems overwhelming — like crazy weather. Yet it’s one thing to read about […]

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Celebrating Your Freedom

July is a month to celebrate freedom. From Algeria to the United States, 24 countries in total commemorate their national independence day in July – and four of them today on July 1st (like Burundi and Canada). The Bible is a treatise on freedom at multiple levels. Just as Moses celebrated the liberation of the […]

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You’re not trapped: How one cultural insight delivered a huge ‘aha’!

I met someone recently who thought all that “history-stuff” about the Bible is in the ‘nice-to-know-but-not-necessary’ category.  I beg to disagree and had a recent experience to illustrate why. The story of the woman who committed adultery (in John 8:1-11) has been a favorite since I first heard it as a little girl.  Who wouldn’t […]

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