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Bible Reference Books

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The New Interpreter’s Bible ; 12 volume set, Abingdon Press.
A Commentary in Twelve Volumes: The New Interpreter’s Bible presents leading biblical scholarship through an in-depth commentary on the complete Bible, including the Apocrypha. The contributors are leading biblical scholars who bring a wealth of fresh perspectives to biblical interpretation. The contributors are also theologically diverse, reflecting a wide range of denominational backgrounds: Roman Catholic, mainline Protestant, Jewish, and evangelical. The NIB offers the complete text of two leading biblical translations (the NIV and the NRSV), detailed commentary on coherent manageable portions of text, maps, and excursuses. The Reflections sections are a crucial component of the NIB that provide thoughtful, and thought-provoking, insights on the contemporary application of the biblical text for preaching, teaching, and daily living.

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Bible Map Guide, 2011 .  Publisher: Common English Bible.

This is a tall, thin paperback with maps produced (for the first time in a Bible Atlas)
by National Geographic. Wonderful for use in teaching Sunday School.


The Continuity of the Bible Series by Thomas L. Leishman.

  • The Continuity of the Bible:  The Patriarchs
  • The Continuity of the Bible:  Joshua to Elisha
  • The Continuity of the Bible:  Prophetic Writings
  • The Continuity of the Bible:  The Gospels
  • The Continuity of the Bible:  Paul the Missionary Apostle The Interrelation of the Old and New Testament

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The Daily Study Bible Series, by William Barclay.
Publisher:  John Knox Press, Louisville, KY.  1976.
(Has a volume for each book of the New Testament and originally written by this Scottish Presbyterian Minister for adult Sunday School Classes in the 1950’s.)
Clicking on the picture will take you to the 64 entries.

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New International Biblical Commentary
Old Testament Editors, Robert L. Hubbard, Jr., Robert K. Johnston,
New Testament Editor, W. Ward Gasque;
Hendrickson Publishers, Paternoster Press.

This is a paperback set of commentaries that is also very good. Based on the NIV and a commentary, not a dictionary. The volumes are around $10.00 each and available through Christian Book Distributors (discount) and Hendrickson if Amazon doesn’t carry.




The New Testament: A Student’s Introduction 8th Edition


Understanding The Bible 8th Edition

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