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Any time I hear of a Madelon talk, I leap to go and invite others. What I love is her ability to wrap up a subject in a way that is relatable and rememberable to anyone from a young girl to a grandfather. She delivers a deep scholarship that is friendly, engaging, and has a poignancy that deftly runs the gamut from the humorous to the profound, often in the same observation. What she says is both very important and fun, words that don’t always go together. She knows well how to simplify what can become too complex and therefore confusing.

Dan Wood, Sherman Oaks

"I am an ordained Presbyterian minister. I've been the dean of a Presbyterian seminary, the San Francisco Seminary. I've been the director of continuing education at Princeton Theological Seminary, so I've convened lots of folk who want to learn more about their faith. What I like about Madelon is she is in her own bones an ecumenical person. So I watch her navigate the whole ecumenical world… Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, whatever it might be. I think this is a great gift that she gives to all of us. I really believe that teaching the Bible is a key to the renewal of the Christian faith in our time. This is why I'm so excited about Madelon! I've experienced her teaching the Bible."

- Dr. Ronald C. White, Jr.



I appreciate all the good work you are doing with these Bible talks, with humor and grace showing us how much treasure there is to discover in our Bibles—and treasure we, ordinary people (!) can find

Ann Mathiesen - - Indianapolis, IN



Thank you so much for the sessions on Saturday!  Your presentation was so clear and inspiring that at the end I wanted more.  - Patricia Johnson, Iowa

"I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your Paul talk. Our adult Sunday school is just starting a whole unit on Paul and I brought that in for 2 Sundays and played it and we discussed. Everyone found it easy to understand, clear, opened their eyes to new things--even the hard-of-hearing seniors! It was a perfect overview to help set the context, etc. Several folks mentioned being very impressed with your scholarship and delivery style and I sent them to the website for more!"

-Rev. Rebecca Kemper Poos
Pastor, Congregational United Church of Christ 

Madelon Maupin’s Bible Study class on the book of Matthew was excellent.  She has an excellent command of her subject matter,  is an engaging and articulate speaker, and inspired me to consider my study of the Scriptures from a completely different perspective.  I would highly recommend this class. - Indiana

I sooooooo enjoyed yesterday.   I felt like I had been to my Association day!    I am so grateful for what you do, have done, and are sharing with us all.   Loved your way of explaining the events of the Bible, your humor, and just you!!!!!    Thank you so much for the day.   Can’t wait to get to the CD’s.  -

Jean, Indiana

We really received a great talk last night, Madelon. Everyone went out talking about how wonderful it was.  It was not only informative but was deep and kept us pondering for hours after and beyond.  The handouts come in handy so we can look at them again.  We handed out almost all 250 so we had a big turn out.  I really think we will remain inspired for a long time.
--Jackie Reid, Pasadena CA
Big gratitude for your talk in Pasadena tonight.  You inspired me to understand much more about our Savior Christ Jesus and GOD.  Looking forward to more inspiration and healing ideas as I study the 5-page review of your talk you generously shared to all tonight.
Maralee Knowlen -- Studio City, CA

That was more than we could have ever asked for today*!  You deliver with such a deep knowledge and such accessibility to it - every single person in that room went home feeling FULL and fulfilled!  I guarantee it.  It was so on target for both the kiddos of every age and the grown-ups.  It was engaging, it was rich, it was fun, and it couldn’t have been a more productive hour!!  Thank you, thank you.  And you are so fun to watch and listen to - you’re brilliant - and we loved every moment of it.  (* Bible Talk for Sunday School students and parents)

- Heidi Ingwerson Thompson, Manhattan Beach CA

"I've been listening to your CD/download on Matthew, and it is simply fabulous. You're so talented,  bringing people into the conversation, keeping them engaged, and delivering a wonderful message. I am learning so very much. "

- Barbara, Washington, DC

“I loved Madelon Maupin’s new video on the Old Testament Overview. I watched it once and found it so full of information that I immediately watched it 3 more times!! I have always thought of the old testament as a treasure trove of Biblical stories… but after watching Madelon’s video I began to realize that these are not just stories, they are real events that happened within the context of the history of the region. Madelon has made them come alive for me and left me with an eagerness to learn more. I can’t wait for the next one!!!”
- Jeene Brown

"While I have your attention, I need to let you know again how special this Bible Study session was for us. We have commented so many times of your skill as a teacher and facilitator. It was a very harmonious, and frankly, much more relaxed Bible study for the three of us, even though Isaiah took some challenging turns for us as novice Bible folk. Amazing! Thank you!!!!"
- Anabeth, Judy, and Pam

"Just listening to your CDs you left at Wayside-- awesome. Love your tone...."
- Dean Wolfe, Victoria British Columbia

"Thanks Madelon for a great class on Daniel tonight! I'm really grateful for your willingness to share and lead us on an amazing adventure in the Bible!"
- Elizabeth Arnett

"Madelon ~ I can't tell you how much I appreciated the study you outlined and gave to us on Galatians. This is the first Bible course I've taken where most of the information meant so much to me that I will not have to refer to notes to refresh my memory. Paul came alive to me!
Thank you so much for offering all the courses you so ably teach."
~ Pamela Smith

"Thank you for your online course on Galatians. It certainly does deepen one's appreciation of the Bible to focus for four weeks on just one book and really dig into it in depth."
- Lynn Mandujano


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