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Election Wisdom from Acts

Instead of the usual vlog, here are six brief verses from the book of Acts that have timeless wisdom to offer for our upcoming U.S. Presidential election on November 3rd.  After you read these, consider the order of events (laid out below), and then questions to ask yourself.   Please join me in answering them.  It’s […]

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The Huge 2-part Role of a Tiny Biblical Word

There’s a reason the adage ‘good things come in small packages’ got coined.  It’s true!  The tiny three-letter conjunction, ‘but’, in the Scriptures is a powerful example. Who knew that it has two profoundly different applications?   One looks back while the other looks forward.  How we use it determines much about how we view our […]

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The Unfolding Views of God (from Genesis)

This ten-minute video discusses how the idea of God in Genesis evolves.  “Yahweh”, first introduced in Genesis 2 as a rather anthropomorphic version of God, is also the God of Isa. 43 who offers such consolation and hope to Israel during the Babylonian Exile.  Does your idea of God evolve?  We discuss two of the […]

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