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New Testament Overview Parts 1, 2 & 3 (10 minutes each)

New Testament Overview Videos This is a gift from BibleRoads –  a New Testament overview video in about thirty minutes, free. We hope many will take advantage of watching it, tell your friends, use it in Sunday School with your iPad or laptop, start a BibleRoads study program with it providing helpful background,  etc. The goal […]

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June 2020 VLOG – The New Normal

As our communities and countries begin to unlock and reopen throughout the world, there is much talk about ‘the new normal’ –-change in new ways to work, engagement with family and friends, admiring not celebrities but the people who make our everyday lives work, and rethinking travel at the same frantic pace.  That made me […]

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The Prayer of Perception

  I love hearing people who normally never talk about God or religion suddenly say we all need to pray right now about this virus. How refreshing! How different from times when everything seems like smooth sailing, and people put awareness of God a bit on the shelf. But when there is an emergency, millions […]

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Christmas Talk – English and Spanish

Welcoming Christ this Christmas: Biblical Role Models Whether it is Christmas or any other day of the year, the New Testament teaches us much about how we might make greater room for the Christ in our thought and lives. This talk covers three points: what we mean by “Christ”, the role of prophesy in the Hebrew […]

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