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Election Wisdom from Acts

Instead of the usual vlog, here are six brief verses from the book of Acts that have timeless wisdom to offer for our upcoming U.S. Presidential election on November 3rd.  After you read these, consider the order of events (laid out below), and then questions to ask yourself.   Please join me in answering them.  It’s […]

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Biblical Lessons on Authority

Biblical Lessons on Authority

Authority has a lot of different faces – some personal, some incredibly impersonal. A teenager knows the face of their parent who exercises authority over their curfew.  A Marine private knows her drill sergeant’s authority as he barks orders. Listen to know more about what the Bible has to teach us about Authority.

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How to let go of Guilt

You probably know the John 21 verses that are Jesus’ final questions and directives to Simon Peter, a disciple who had already been singled out for his potential leadership of the others. This text takes place after the resurrection in those waning opportunities for the disciples to have a final teaching lesson with their Master. […]

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BibleRoads VLOG - Freedom


Those immortal words that Thomas Jefferson would later capture in the Declaration of Independence held ‘self-evident truths’ grounded in Biblical principles: that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Listen to more about what the Bible has to teach us about Freedom.

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