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How big is your God?

Did you see the latest images released by the astounding Webb Space Telescope? It has captured the smash-up of two spiral galaxies with the light of more than a trillion suns! Given our “little” Milky Way galaxy’s luminosity of about ten billion suns, that’s bright.     SHARE this message with your friends! Help them […]

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He Is Risen!

Sunday, April 9th is Easter for most Christians, except for our Eastern Orthodox friends, who celebrate it on April 16th. Regardless of when you celebrate, Easter is the holiest day on the Christian calendar.     SHARE this message with your friends! Help them join you and over 4000 others who want to take a […]

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YOUR Turn!

Greetings! This month’s vlog is a reverse of what we normally do. Instead of sharing thoughts with you, we hope you will share your thoughts with us at BibleRoads. We are eager to hear about your experiences in using our Bible study tools and to learn where we can help improve your journey in the […]

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Choices and Detours in a New Year

Maybe you, like millions of others, drove to an airport this holiday season. My local one is both huge and new to me, which doesn’t make either entering or exiting easy! After I picked up a friend, I looked for the freeway I needed and was amazed to count nine exits before I finally found […]

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