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“I think of the Bible as God’s love letters to us…” – Madelon Maupin

About Madelon Maupin

Although Madelon Maupin’s academic background includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biblical Studies, it is probably her 35+ years in business and her strong emphasis on written and verbal communication that give BibleRoads its “punch.” Madelon spent 15 years in the newspaper industry, cultivating a commitment to highly focused, content-rich presentation and a strong research background. Over the next 20 years she headed a leadership consulting firm in Los Angeles, where she worked with some of the film industry’s top firms and developed a capacity for clear, direct verbal communication. Ever since closing her consulting firm, it has been Madelon’s joy to focus full-time on, which allows her to combine all of her skills in the talks and workbooks she presents on Biblical topics. Madelon’s goal is to help others unlock the Bible in a non-denominational way so that they can discover the Scriptures’ spiritual meaning and application to their lives. By delving into the history, politics, geography, customs, and culture of all the Biblical periods and books, she aims to enable readers and listeners to dive deep into these subjects themselves so they can find their own spiritual answers.

Madelon holds a Masters’s degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary, provides Bible study resources such as online courses, workbooks, CD’s and MP3 recordings on over 2 dozen Biblical books.   She lectured for Princess Cruises as Cultural Historian throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and led groups to Turkey, Greece, Jordan and Israel.   Madelon served on the Board of Trustees for the launch of the New Theological Seminary of the West in Southern California,  has been active in the Southern California Faith and Order Commission,   and served on the National Ecumenical Team of her Church.  She is a frequent contributor to both the weekly and monthly magazines on the Bible and spirituality,  having published some 70+ articles.

Madelon lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she moved recently from Newport Beach, CA,  where she and her late husband, George Birdsong, lived for many years.

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