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The Importance of “GIVE”

Have you ever had the experience of looking at an everyday word with fresh eyes, only to realize it deserves a lot more of your attention? That happened to me recently when I discovered how often the word “give” is used in the Bible, especially compared to words I thought would be used more frequently.


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Exodus Part II

Virtual attendance for this Live Bible Study
Lead by Madelon Maupin
September 29 - October 3, 2023


In October 2022, a lively group of Bible students from around the US gathered at the beautiful Cedars Camps in the Ozarks of Missouri to explore the first 18 chapters of Exodus. Guided by lecturer Madelon Maupin, they learned more about one of the Bible’s most dramatic stories: the Hebrew people being freed from enslavement in Egypt under the leadership of the great Moses.

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“Revelation – Unpacking Heavenly Symbols”
2-Part Online Video Bible Study

If you’re facing any tough challenges, Revelation is for you.

If you’re trying to figure out how to defend yourself against all the ‘stuff’ coming at you today — from the news and social media, your job, and even family and friends — Revelation is for you.  This is a book written for people going through their own difficult times.  It was written to encourage, galvanize, and equip its readers to face whatever their challenge was — no matter how scary.

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Webinar Series: How Community In The Bible Strengthens Us Today 

To spiritually strengthen individuals in our church communities during an unprecedented time of national and global challenge. Everyone is invited to explore how community in the Bible can speak to the pandemic challenge we're facing today.

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Biblical Leadership Course

This course is for you if you’re interested in ramping up your leadership skills, all of which are actually grounded in biblical principles that have proven timeless and true.

As someone who spent over 20 years helping companies with their leadership development and who has loved and studied the Bible most of my life, I’m happy to bring you this course on Biblical Leadership. The course marries my two areas of expertise—business (I formed and ran five of my own companies and managed companies for other owners) and the Bible (I obtained a graduate degree in Biblical Studies at a leading seminary).

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