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Exodus Part 1: Liberation from Bondage

The 2022 in-depth Bible Study will be Exodus Part I:  Liberation from Bondage (chapters 1-19). Exodus continues the mega themes introduced in Genesis of God's covenant with Abraham and Israel as the special community to be God’s witness in the world, of the promise of deliverance and salvation this implies, and the many near misses when this promise seems so at risk.

If you can not attend the 5-day workshop in person, you have the option of attending virtually or watching the replay recordings.

  • Bible Study:  Exodus Part I, chapters 1-20
  • Dates:  October 6 – 10, 2022
  • Location:  Cedars Camps, near Lebanon, MO
    The program will also be presented virtually for those who can not attend the event in person!


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Exodus Part 1: Liberation from Bondage

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2022's Bible Study Focus: Understanding Paul’s Letters and Journeys


Paul has been called a ‘colossus’, and so he was – the greatest figure of Christianity next to its founder, Christ Jesus.  2022 will be a year of diving into Paul’s letters.  Even if you have studied them, this will be a unique opportunity to look at the body of his work, to see how the themes spill over into each of his seven authenticated letters, and what makes his letters distinct (as opposed to the many others attributed to him).

Each month, we're going to explore and dive into the details of Paul's writings and stories. The suggested readings, study guides, worksheets, learning, exploring, and understanding you participate in each month will culminate with a live webinar and presentation on why:

Second only to Jesus Christ, Paul is the most important figure of the Bible.

With Bible Roads, your Membership delivers an understanding of the Bible by focusing on three simple questions:

What does it say? What does it mean? and What does that mean to me?

It's Bible Study with a clear purpose:

Monthly Bible Study, Monthly Live Webinars, Resources & Study Guides, and a real Bible Study Community

Webinar Series: How Community In The Bible Strengthens Us Today 

To spiritually strengthen individuals in our church communities during an unprecedented time of national and global challenge. Everyone is invited to explore how community in the Bible can speak to the pandemic challenge we're facing today.

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Biblical Leadership Course

This course is for you if you’re interested in ramping up your leadership skills, all of which are actually grounded in biblical principles that have proven timeless and true.

As someone who spent over 20 years helping companies with their leadership development and who has loved and studied the Bible most of my life, I’m happy to bring you this course on Biblical Leadership. The course marries my two areas of expertise—business (I formed and ran five of my own companies and managed companies for other owners) and the Bible (I obtained a graduate degree in Biblical Studies at a leading seminary).

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