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"Genesis Part I: Where It All Began"

(Chapters 1 - 25)

The Hebrew Scriptures come to life as we dive into the timelines and interconnectedness of stories so familiar. We explore historical, political, and geographical context, starting with the Patriarchs, followed by the Exodus and the establishment of Israel. We'll examine what role Judges played, why a Monarchy arose, and why a completely new office needed to arise: the prophets. We then look at a reverse Exodus, called the exile. Through it all is this remarkable thread of God's enduring love and covenant with His people.


September 26, 2020 (Saturday)

Online/Virtual Bible Talk from

9 am - 4 pm. Pacific Time (US)

Thanks to 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Beaverton, Oregon for sponsorship of this Bible Talk.


There will be a replay available for 30 days after the talk, until October 25th.  If you can’t make it on September 26th, or for only part of the day, you will have full access to the replay as well as the handout.

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"Acts of the Apostles: 

Seeing the Holy Spirit in Action" 

After the  resurrection and ascension, the followers of Christ Jesus found themselves wondering what to do next, and then it happened:  the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  Acts tells how men and women were transformed by this singular event.

This talk will share the historical, geographical, political and religious background to provide greater insight that can guide each of our Christian journeys today. The goal is to pull forward the lessons those early Church workers learned in the power of the Holy Spirit and the courage it provides to share with others the transforming message of Christ Jesus.

rembrandts-apostle-paul-more vertical

September 12, 2020 (Saturday)

Online/Virtual Bible Talk from

9 am - 4 pm. Eastern Time (US)

Thanks to 5th Church of Christ, Scientist, Indianapolis for sponsorship of this Bible Talk.


There will be a replay available for 30 days after the talk, until October 11th.  If you can’t make it on September 12th, or for only part of the day, you will have full access to the replay as well as the handout.

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The BibleRoads Biblical Community Membership

Join a community of learners and focus on the scriptures

Monthly Webinar: Each month, Madelon gives a one hour talk on one of Jesus' parables related to the economy (June - December, 2020).  A new topic will be announced in 2021.  Members receive both the handouts as well as pre-work questions in advance so they can prepare. Every talk is recorded so that members can watch when it is convenient for them.  All replays have captions and a search tool to research specific ideas -- both in the video and the script that comes up as well.  Also all webinars are available for listening as long as one is a member.

Monthly Credit: To encourage every member to continue their Biblical learning, each month, members will receive a $10 credit/coupon to apply to any product on the BibleRoads website during that month. Choose from all of the talks, workbooks, and courses at

Private Community: Members will be able to interact with other members through a private group on Facebook where your insights can be shared, questions asked, and new and old connections made.  Only BibleRoads members will be able to view comments and posts.

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Read Reviews

Context and background.Absolutely essential!

5.0 rating
September 17, 2020

I loved this seminar. I loved the maps, the illustrations, the graphics, the works of art—the whole slide show that accompanied Madelon’s narrative. But even without them (well, leave me the maps, please!) the narrative provided the history, social mores, the cultural surround of the world-changing story of what became of the gospel, the good news, after the man Jesus left the physical scene in the year 33 C.E. I was absolutely riveted for six hours, as was the person who watched it with me. I took 28 pages of handwritten notes, because that’s how I best process what’s coming at me. And during the breaks I took deep breaths, because you can only drink from a firehose for so long. After it was over and my desk had departed, I spent another three hours just going down rabbit holes of research with google. I only stopped because SOMEBODY wanted dinner. Thanks for a great Saturday, Madelon. I’m looking forward to Genesis on the 26th!

Susan Cobb


5.0 rating
September 15, 2020

Madelon has so much knowledge about the Bible. I hope you got a chance to watch and listen to her for Acts. Fifth Church of Christ Scientist, Indianapolis, sponsored it. We have heard lots of wonderful reviews. I plan to read Acts again using her illustrations.


It was very insightful.

5.0 rating
September 15, 2020

i am still not sure who John the Elder is who you said wrote the book of Revelation. i always thought is was John the disciple. who wrote the book of John?

Nancy Darling

Acts of the Apostles talk, a very worthwhile, accurate history lesson

5.0 rating
September 14, 2020

This presentation is a solid and detailed look at the history of a most important point in the struggle for survival of Christianity. It is packed with the customs, culture, and politics of the time, and all backed up by many maps, paintings, sculpture, photographs, and much more. I learned so much about each individual mentioned in this New Testament book, even though I have read and studied it throughout a lifetime. The presenter is generous and highly educated on this topic. The pace is careful and clear. I was not disappointed.

Susan Nordlinger

New Perspectives

5.0 rating
September 13, 2020

These fresh perspectives of the Bible makes its accounts completely relevant to today’s complex situations.

4.9 rating
Very good9%


Webinar Series: How Community In The Bible Strengthens Us Today 

To spiritually strengthen individuals in our church communities during an unprecedented time of national and global challenge. Everyone is invited to explore how community in the Bible can speak to the pandemic challenge we're facing today.

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Biblical Leadership Course

This course is for you if you’re interested in ramping up your leadership skills that are grounded in biblical principles that have proven timeless and true.

As someone who spent over 20 years helping companies with their leadership development, and as someone who has loved and studied the Bible most of my life, I’m happy to bring you this course on Biblical Leadership.  It marries my two areas of expertise, having had 5 of my own companies as well as managed others and obtained a graduate degree in Biblical Studies at a leading Seminary.

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