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How a Rembrandt and a Bible story usher us into 2024

I came across this extraordinary Rembrandt painting again recently, and its lessons relate to this special day of January 1 — the start of a new year.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like the first day of January is a great time not just for the national pastime of watching sports but also to take a page from the first month’s namesake — that Roman deity Janus. As the deity was primarily charged with overlooking doors and gateways, the depiction of Janus looking both frontward and backward makes sense. You can see a picture of his dual-facing profile on this page.

The New Year is a perfect time to look both ahead and back . . . ahead at the possibilities of a clean slate, a new year fresh from entries, and looking back over highlights of the year being closed, but also at lessons learned.



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Susan Krevitt
Susan Krevitt
January 1, 2024 2:07 pm

Happy … Timelessness to you, Madelon! What a relief it is, huh, to glimpse the divine facts of true being…while we study and ponder the incredible human journey out of the dark beliefs of mortality!! Your knowledge and sharing this journey with so many others is truly a gift to… mankind! It no doubt reverberates through our world to uplift and carry us along more swiftly! I wish I was a more serious Bible student. At least to let YOUR filter reduce it all for me!! I guess I’ll sign up again… give it another try. I do appreciate your… Read more »

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