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Weather! Heaven Help Us!”

“Heaven Help Us!” You’ve probably heard that expression — especially these days, when erratic weather patterns seem to be invading so many parts of the world. It’s a kind of watered-down version of a cry for help in dealing with something that seems overwhelming — like crazy weather. Yet it’s one thing to read about […]

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Celebrating Your Freedom

July is a month to celebrate freedom. From Algeria to the United States, 24 countries in total commemorate their national independence day in July – and four of them today on July 1st (like Burundi and Canada). The Bible is a treatise on freedom at multiple levels. Just as Moses celebrated the liberation of the […]

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You’re not trapped: How one cultural insight delivered a huge ‘aha’!

I met someone recently who thought all that “history-stuff” about the Bible is in the ‘nice-to-know-but-not-necessary’ category.  I beg to disagree and had a recent experience to illustrate why. The story of the woman who committed adultery (in John 8:1-11) has been a favorite since I first heard it as a little girl.  Who wouldn’t […]

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