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Mark: The First Eyewitness Account (CD or MP3)

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The Gospel of Mark has a unique contribution to make to our understanding not only of Jesus Christ but also of early church history. How so? Because it was the first Gospel written immediately after the martyrdom of Peter and Paul.

Addressing specific texts that represent the overall spirit of the book of Mark, this talk takes listeners deeper than does the Mark portion of the overview of all four books, titled The Four Gospels: One Story, Four Perspectives.

In the Gospel of Mark, we discover Jesus as the Son of God. We also catch the earliest glimpses of Jesus as the Messiah. Written as an eyewitness account conveyed by Peter to a young man named John Mark (or just Mark), this Gospel has an air of authenticity that makes its stories and narrative come alive.

Mark also provides the earliest glimpse of Jesus as the Master (distinct from his role as the Messiah). He gives a breathless account of one year of Jesus’ ministry—his teaching and preaching and healing works, all of which culminated in the Passion Week. You’ll learn about the book’s two endings and about how Mark viewed Jesus and the other disciples.

Please treat yourselves to reading the Gospel of Mark in a single seating just before or just after this audio lecture. You will realize afresh that nothing can replace this earliest Gospel’s text with its passion and heart.

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Runtime: 57 minutes

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1 review for Mark: The First Eyewitness Account (CD or MP3)

  1. KARENLEE MANNERINO (verified owner)

    I have purchased all of Madelon’s CD’S and have them on my IPOD. I enjoy listening to them as I go to sleep at night. I figure, I might as well learn something before I fall asleep. Mark, being the first of the 4 Gospels written, shows Jesus in a different light than the other three gospels. I highly recommend not only Mark, but all 4 of the Gospels.

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