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I Corinthians: Paul’s Challenge to Corruption



I Corinthians:  Paul’s Challenge to Corruption

The Corinthians were known for living in a popular port that sailors, traders and tourists frequented, being on the edge of the Aegean Sea.  Famous for its temples to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, the city of Corinth developed a reputation for sensuality and independence that presented unique challenges to Paul as he traveled to share the Good News. You’ll learn about the cultural, religious, historical background as well as the cultural norms that made them unusually obstreperous to the Christian Gospel.  Here is Paul at his rhetorical finest, sometimes scolding, often persuading, using every method he can to persuade them to give up their self-inflated views and follow Christ.  Paul’s answer is consistently to encourage them to love their fellow Corinthians more, and that provides the setting for chapter 13,  one of the most loved passages of the entire New Testament (i.e. “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels…”).

This CD set (2) is organized by tracks tied to each chapter, following the initial introduction.  That makes it ideal for Bible Study groups to use the CD as both introduction and guide with each chapter discussion.  There is also a I Corinthians study guide for those who want to take a deeper plunge with friends.   Enjoy this audio lecture in CD format or MP3 instant digital download. Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes.

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