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Daniel: Courage Under Fire (CD or MP3)

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The Old Testament stories of Daniel and his friends have been immortalized through the centuries, creating indelible memories of Daniel in the lion’s den, of his three friends in the fiery furnace, of a jealousy-inspired plot and a king’s terror, and of an eating contest that proved the power of Spirit.

But the book of Daniel has much more to offer than these famous stories in its brief twelve chapters, as this talk makes clear. For instance, we explore Daniel’s character—his courage and boldness when he challenges King Nebuchadnezzar and defies his envious colleagues—and we show how these qualities are role models for us today.

We also discuss when and why the book of Daniel was written. And we observe that the Hebrews in the second century BCE, under tremendous persecution, leaned back into their history for moments of inspiration—just as we are sometimes called to do.

In addition, this two-CD (or MP3) set explains the important second half of Daniel, which is very different from the Old Testament stories in the book’s first half. The latter chapters introduce the Biblical angels Michael and Gabriel. They also set the apocalyptic groundwork for the New Testament’s final book, Revelation.

We offer a Daniel Bible Study Workbook for those who want to take a deeper plunge with a group of Scripture-loving friends.

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Runtime: 1 hour, 58 minutes

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1 hour 58 minutes

1 review for Daniel: Courage Under Fire (CD or MP3)

  1. Carol Coykendall Raner (verified owner)

    After we finished the Ten Virgins in the Parables Bible Study workbook, we listened to the introduction of Daniel from the audio I purchased from you. We plan to start our Daniel Bible Study next week.

    My Bible study friends and I were talking about how wonderful it is to have you in our lives, to learn more about our Bible! Thank you for all that you do for all of us! You took weeks, months and years to learn, and then you put it all together in a neat package for all of us to learn more too.

    Your questions are life-changing! We have had so many wonderful discussions each week about how we relate to the parable we just studied. It’s built our friendships as we grow in our own spiritual understanding with our Pastor.

    On behalf of our foursome, “Thank you, O woman greatly beloved!”

    Love to you,


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