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I THESSALONIANS: Early Lessons in Discipleship



Imagine if you could travel back to the early church of the first century and glimpse what it was like to be an initial follower of Christ Jesus’ teachings. What were the concerns about these new, radical ideas?   What pressures did Paul address in this first epistle to the Thessalonians? And how did the early church face and maintain their courage in the face of such opposition? Understanding this first Christian document written is one way to see how the earliest converts can be models for us today.

This talk (either as a CD or an MP3 download) addresses the historic, political and religious background of Thessalonica in Roman Macedonia, and why the Parousia or the second coming of Christ was so important to them. This first letter to the Thessalonians addresses ‘end time’ questions more than any other books of the Bible written by Paul, and provides biblical inspiration for dealing with issues other Christians care deeply about today.

Enjoy this audio lecture in CD format or MP3 instant digital download. Runtime: 57 minutes

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