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Galatians: Paul’s Defense of the Gospels (CD or MP3)



Galatia was a stop on Paul’s first missionary journey. His letter to the Galatians conveys both a parent’s love for and frustration with recalcitrant children. Having wandered from their original clarity and commitment to the Gospel message, the Galatians needed to be pointed to the “true north” of Jesus’ teachings and to be relieved of the encumbrance of Jewish law—and Paul does just that.

This talk tells the story of the ancient Gauls, the Galatians’ ancestors, and sheds light on why these rough-and-tough fighters would have posed quite the challenge for the apostle. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul tames their fighting spirit by converting them into soldiers for Christ.

Arguing for a return to the pure message he originally gave the Galatians, Paul draws on his extensive communicator’s toolkit and his eloquent preaching to implore them to go back to the Gospel’s basic story.

Indeed, we see Paul putting to full use his persuasive powers: sharing his conversion story, borrowing an illustration from the Old Testament to prove a point, and even employing sarcasm as a last-ditch effort to get his hearers’ attention.

In sum, Paul’s letter to the Galatians offers us not only profound spiritual content but also an insider’s view of a shepherd with his flock. He taps and pulls and cajoles his “sheep” and “lambs” into line to keep the proverbial wolves at bay. In the process, Paul is helping them—and us—develop the spiritual skills so needed: the ability to be alert to and defend our thinking from outside influences and thus stay the course.

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