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Romans: Paul’s Towering Final Letter (CD or MP3)



No Christian study would be complete without a thorough dive into Paul’s letter to the Romans. It is truly one of the basics for Bible study plans and Bible study groups.

Considered Paul’s masterpiece letter, the way the 9th Symphony was a climactic work of Beethoven’s, Paul’s epistle to the Romans is his finest contribution to the theology of Christianity. Having influenced the development of Christian theology for over 2,000 years, Romans deserves thoughtful, in-depth study by Christians everywhere.

Probably written as his final letter, Romans is where Paul pours his heart and his understanding of Christianity into the most profound issues involving sin, the flesh, faith, and freedom, making it an ideal letter for sharing the Good News with “the Gentiles” of today.

This letter is to the Roman church—a church Paul did not found and had not yet visited—and is his last epistle as a free man. It offers Paul’s most mature understanding of Christ and of the Christian’s role in following Christ.

This audio lecture invites us to ponder these questions: How can I have a deeper faith? How do I address sin but not be conquered by it? How do I love more, especially when I don’t want to?

A workbook for Paul’s letter to the Romans accompanies the audio program and can be purchased separately for Bible Study Group sessions.

You can order a CD of this audio lecture by mail or download an MP3 of it instantly.

Runtime: 1 hour, 7 minutes

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