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Jonah: Prophet with Attitude (CD or MP3)

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While children might think of the book of Jonah only as a whale of a tale, adults have found it a much more complex story. It contains, for instance, parallel chapters that compare and contrast how Jonah regards two groups of pagans—namely, the sailors and the Ninevites.

Bible prophets are usually the moral backbone of their communities, but Jonah is cut from a different cloth. Although he teaches us much about prayer and forgiveness, we learn primarily from Jonah’s negative example. Every Bible study plan should include Jonah as a kind of reverse role-model who shows us the consequences of what happens when we don’t listen to God.

Containing the only parable in the Hebrew Scriptures, the book of Jonah teaches us about yielding to God’s will and shows us how our individual spiritual journey can impact others.

This talk points out the prophet Jonah’s place in the Bible history timeline. It also discusses Christ Jesus’ reference to Jonah’s three days in the belly, comparing it to his upcoming three days in the tomb.

In sum, Jonah is one of the great Old Testament stories, for it demands us to ask—and answer—tough questions about the Bible and its teachings.

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Runtime: 34 minutes

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3 reviews for Jonah: Prophet with Attitude (CD or MP3)

  1. Jane (verified owner)

    Jonah: Prophet with an Attitude was an unexpectedly fascinating talk. I didn’t know much about Jonah. It is a very small book in the Bible and it is a difficult chapter to truly comprehend its meaning in contemporary times. The lecture flows beautifully between giving the listener insight into the historical, cultural, economic and spiritual aspects of this time, and then brings us forward into how this parable is so spiritually instructive and current.

    Madelon Maupin’s style of delivery is well modulated, easy to understand, engaging and insightful. She provides a wonderful balance between objective analysis and storytelling in a warm personal tone that also delivers a focus on understanding how this parable can be relevant and insightful for personal spiritual development. All delivered in a 30 minute discussion! I highly recommend this audio lecture.

  2. mary bistline

    I have always loved the book of Jonah, but not quite seeing all that is behind the
    story. Listening to this Bible lesson has opened up so much more for me as
    a First Reader, this will help me to bring out a clearer idea of Wednesday Readings, and understanding of weekly Bible lessons that we study, and to share deeper with Sunday School students in the future! Thank you so much for your sharing that you have studied and learned and sharing with us!

  3. KARENLEE MANNERINO (verified owner)

    This talk is a must for Sunday School teachers.

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