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The Four Gospels: One Story, Four Perspectives (CD or MP3)

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If you’re wondering how someone could possibly capture the essence of the four Gospels in about 100 minutes, that’s understandable! But if you’d like a 30,000-ft. view of the distinctions between the four Gospels, then this is the talk for you.

Who are these authors? When did they write? How did they regard Jesus? Who were their audiences? What are the circumstances under which they wrote? What did they emphasize? How should we approach each of them?

This talk not only tackles those questions, but it also explores the chronological order in which each Gospel was written and shows how they build on each other—or don’t. And it explains the challenges faced by the generations in which they were penned.

When we begin to grasp these differences between the four books, we are grateful to have one Gospel message from four points of view rather than from a single perspective. The bottom line is this: Each author of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John brings a different perspective on the Master Christian and writes at different periods in the first century. After you’ve learned, in this talk, some of their purposes for writing as well as the historical context of each, then a deeper dive into each Gospel is available in additional talks from BibleRoads.

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Runtime: 1 hour, 19 minutes

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1 hour 19 minutes

2 reviews for The Four Gospels: One Story, Four Perspectives (CD or MP3)

  1. Helen (verified owner)

    I really learned so much from getting a clear sense of the history surrounding these gospels, books I have been reading all my life, including when they were written and by whom. This has added such a rich dimension to my study. It helps me relate to the lives of Jesus and the disciples is a very contemporary way. Madelon has such a breadth of knowledge and shares it so beautifully in this lecture. I love having it accessible in this format, too. I am able to listen while riding my bike or sitting quietly in my study. Madelon has also delineated clearly the differences between each of these gospels. I am looking forward to downloading more of Madelon’s lectures. Such a treasure trove!

  2. KARENLEE MANNERINO (verified owner)

    Having had the privilege of taking Bible study classes with Madelon over the past 8 years, I highly recommend all of her talks. What a great education and opportunity to learn about the Bible. I love this overview because it tells of the similarity and differences between all 4 Gospels. Between the CD’s and streaming, I possess all of her talks on the Bible and feel blessed.

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