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Luke: Understanding God’s Universal Embrace (CD or MP3)

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How remarkable: A Gentile—not even a Jew—who writes, not just one book of the New Testament, but two! In fact, Luke, the assumed author of both the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, has written so much about Jesus and the disciples that his text takes up more than 25% of the New Testament.

A traveling companion to Paul, Luke was a physician, a man of letters, the only Gospel historian, and a devout Christian. Luke’s grasp of Christ Jesus’ life and mission has influenced every missionary—that is, every Christian who refuses to live in a bubble but sees in the Gospel of Luke a guide for reaching the poor. That is, the poor in spirit as well as the poor economically.

The Gospel of Luke is the longest of the four books. It was either the second or the third one written. Long thought to be the most profound New Testament text, touching as it does all of those on society’s margins, Luke’s Gospel provides most of our much-loved parables: The Prodigal Son, the Sower and the Seed, the Tares and Wheat, and many more.

Luke’s understanding of God and Christ Jesus brings to light a creator so universal and compassionate that the Christian message became too big for the Jews alone and simply had to reach the Gentiles, too.

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2 reviews for Luke: Understanding God’s Universal Embrace (CD or MP3)

  1. Penny (verified owner)

    What an interesting and insightful lecture — such an eye-opener for me! I learned so much about the author of Luke and his unique perspective on the life of Jesus. It’s given me a lot to think about on true discipleship.
    Penny Swank St Louis MO

  2. Debra (verified owner)

    This lecture is very informative and provided many new insights about Luke and his unique perspective. It is very clear, well-organized, and engaging. It brings familiar stories to life and gives them new meaning.
    – Debra S., Los Angeles, CA

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