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AMOS: Prophet of Social Justice



Amos: Prophet of Social Justice

Amos packs a wallop, exploring why this 8th century BCE Bible prophet has inspired students through the centuries to see the overlap between religion and ethics.  The Book of Amos’ short nine chapters meant so much to social reformer, Martin Luther King, as he engaged in his own Bible discovery that he often quoted Amos in his civil rights speeches. Bible prophets might seem far from the 21st century but this talk is designed to help you discover the Biblical roots of social justice and why the prophet Amos’ demands for reforms in the 8th century BCE are still relevant today. The book of Amos is a window on much of the society of the Hebrew Scriptures at this period in their history, explaining the class system, business practices, moral demands, that sound almost shockingly familiar.  Amos was called to reinvigorate the worship and understanding of God, perhaps a call God is putting on your life today.  Bible Study groups can order an Amos Bible Study workbook that supports your digging into Biblical depths to discover its gems.  Enjoy this audio lecture in CD format or MP3 instant digital download. Runtime: 1 hour 8 minutes

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