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Overview of the Old Testament (CD or MP3)

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So you want to understand the Old Testament but don’t have three years to read it through in detail? Well, then, here’s one of those outlines of the OT that my Bible professors are either rolling their eyes over or applauding. We’re not sure which!

This 70-minute Old Testament Overview is like a small appetizer, designed to satisfy only a little of your hunger. The hope is that you’ll then want to explore more deeply such extraordinary texts as Deuteronomy, which Jesus quoted so often.

In just over an hour, you’ll get a feel for the whole arc of the Hebrew Scriptures by exploring the historical, political, and geographical context and by learning what to look for as you read further in your own study.

Launching with the Patriarchs, the overview guides you next through the Exodus, the establishment of the nation of Israel, the role the Judges played and why, and how a monarchy arose. (Hmmmm, I thought Yahweh was the only King?!) You’ll see why a completely new office needed to arise:  that of the unstoppable Prophets. And you’ll be moved when you hear how the Israelites go into a reverse Exodus, called the Exile.

Woven through the entire Old Testament is this remarkable thread of God’s enduring covenant with His people.

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Runtime: 1 hour, 2 minutes

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3 reviews for Overview of the Old Testament (CD or MP3)

  1. Becky (verified owner)

    Thank you Bible Roads for opening our eyes to events of The Old Testament in a concise way. This hour revealed to me the promise of God’s love for his people. Your audio delivery is easy to listen to and full of inspiration. I look forward to ordering other products that give me an insight into our Holy Scriptures.
    Becky Schlueter

  2. John (verified owner)

    So thoughtful of you to write and delighted to hear you enjoyed the Old Testament overview. We have so much to be grateful to the Jewish people for their devotion to God’s Law through the centuries. A recent trip to Israel only confirmed that and made me see how much Jesus’ life is built on the Hebrew Scriptures.
    With blessings in the New Year,

  3. J. Roe

    My husband and I viewed your video on the overview of the Old Testament, and we were duly impressed with how you deftly covered all that complicated history so well! You tied the various historical aspects of the OT in such a way as to make it more understandable to us. We’re looking forward to listening to it again and again, as well as to your other videos.

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