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Psalms: Exploring the Psalms (CD or MP3)

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The Psalms have been at the heart of praising God for almost 3,000 years. Both Christians and Jews cite the Psalter as one of their most treasured Scriptures, and they often commit its poetry to memory. How is it that these ancient poems and hymns have traversed centuries, geography, cultures, and language to become so contemporary in any age and place?

This two-part CD (or MP3) is from a live talk given on the Psalms. It explores their history, type of writing, and content. Whether lamenting, praising, ascending, or worshiping, these 150 Psalms tell of joy and celebration as well as heartache and anguish. Ranging from the lowest emotional low to the highest, most sacred gratitude for God’s presence, the Psalms teach us to pray. Whether we are celebrating creation, mankind, one another, nature, or a new idea, the Psalms provide the way for mankind to respond to God.

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Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes


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1 hour 40 minutes

1 review for Psalms: Exploring the Psalms (CD or MP3)

  1. mary bistline

    Wanting to learn how to pray rightly, or maybe find out that you have been
    praying, or singing the Psalms all your lives, this Bible study has opened my eyes to see what was not visible and is now!!! I have always been grateful in knowing and seeing things become visible when talking and asking God for direction, this
    has even become clearer through this Bible study! Great! and how to pray better!!!

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