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Old & New Testaments: Entire Audio Collection (CDs)

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GENESIS:  Book of Origins

DEUTERONOMY: The Wisdom of Moses

PSALMS: Exploring the Psalms

ISAIAH: Pinnacle of the Old Testament

DANIEL: Courage Under Fire

AMOS: Prophet of Social Justice

JONAH: Prophet with Attitude

FOUR GOSPELS: One Story, Four Perspectives

MATTHEW: The Christian’s Teaching Gospel

MARK: The First Eyewitness Account

LUKE: Understanding God’s Universal Embrace

JOHN: Revealing Christ’s Identity

ACTS of the APOSTLES: Movement by the Holy Spirit

PAUL: Apostle to the Gentiles

ROMANS: Paul’s Towering Final Letter

I CORINTHIANS: Paul’s Challenge to Corruption

GALATIANS: Paul’s Defense of the Gospel

EPHESIANS: Church and “The Body of Christ”

PHILIPPIANS: Paul’s “Ode to Joy”

I THESSALONIANS: Early Lessons in Discipleship

HEBREWS: Loving Christ’s Supremacy

REVELATION: Handbook for Spiritual Warfare


Take a BibleRoads journey through the Old Testament and New Testament in this complete audio set of 23 lectures.

Like many people, you may have set a goal of studying the entire Bible, from cover to cover, in a year. If so, great! You can accompany your reading with these audio talks, which teach the historical, political, religious, and cultural contexts of these books, making your Bible study far more understandable and thus far more meaningful. You will find that these talks are like a door of understanding that opens wide, inviting you into a world that  becomes increasingly familiar the longer you listen.

Treat yourself to this complete set of CDs or give the collection to a family member. Perfect opportunities to listen include: while driving the car, while walking the dog, or even while sitting in your comfy armchair on a quiet evening.

Receive a 10% discount when you select this complete CD package of all 23 audio lectures.

These lectures are also available to download digitally for instant listening. Please see this page to learn about purchasing the complete set in an MP3 format.

Runtime: Approximately 30 hours


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