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Spiritual Sustainability: A Biblical Perspective (3 PDFs)



There are probably more definitions of “sustainability” than there are letters in the word. Perhaps the simplest definition is this one: the avoidance of the depletion of earth’s natural resources.

Sustainability, it turns out, is one of the Bible’s underlying themes. We see constant proof, from Genesis to Revelation, that God, divine Spirit, not only lovingly creates but also beautifully maintains the entire creation. Indeed, the Scriptures provide endless examples of how our all-good creator supplies each of us with an abundance of every requisite need to sustain life.

We have combined our three video talks about the evidence of sustainability found throughout the Bible into a single product, Spiritual Sustainability: A Biblical Perspective (Combo of “Fire” “Light and Nature Metaphors in the Parables)

Accompanying each video is a study guide in the form of a downloadable PDF pamphlet. And, just as we combined the three videos into one package, so did we combine their respective PDF study guides into a single product—the one you’re reading about right here! Each one contains selections of readings and questions.

These pamphlets can be used for individual or group study, including teaching Sunday School classes.


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