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Gospel of Luke Bible Study Workbook PDF download version for Non-US Field

This Gospel of Luke Bible Study Workbook covers the third gospel of the New Testament, written by the only Gentile writer of the entire Bible. This Bible Study Workbook provides background for individuals studying on their own, or those involved in a group Bible Study. The ‘meat’ of the workbook is diving into the questions.  For example, why does Luke begin his story of Jesus Christ with Zechariah’s experience in the Temple, unlike the other Gospels?  What is the relationship between geography and theology?  How does Luke set up themes he will develop even more extensively in his second volume, Acts of the Apostles? Luke establishes his themes and approaches his Gospel with magnificent story-telling skill of color, drama and historical weight, which the questions will help you uncover. The parables alone in Luke make this Gospel one of the most special studies in all of the Bible’s 66 books, parables unique to Luke such as The Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son.  And be sure and use the Workbook’s maps as you read to follow the locations, which figure in prominently to Luke’s overall story of both Christ Jesus and the Early Church.  We hope you will treat yourself to this moving description of God’s great love and the Gospel’s universal message of salvation–either on your own or with friends.   And many BibleRoads’ readers enjoy ordering the CD or MP3 download on Luke’s Gospel called “Luke’s Gospel:  Understanding God’s Universal Embrace“.    There is also a combo discount price for both the CD and the Workbook.


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