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Religion In France




I suspect learning about religion in France has not been high on your “to-do” list. Until I dove deeply into the subject, it wasn’t a huge priority for me, either. But here’s the catch. What happened in the religious sphere in France is also what happened in the rest of Europe. All historical periods build upon one another and—you guessed it—lead us to where we are today.

This three-part series offers a terrific opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the overarching patterns that emerged from the Roman period in ancient Gaul (today France) and continued through the Middle Ages, the Reformation in nearby Germany, the Protestant break from the Papacy, and up to the Enlightenment—even to the French Revolution. Three hours.  Three sets of slides with maps and beautiful art. Sit back, learn, and grow in your understanding of our world today.


In this course, “France and Religion: The Big Picture,” we’ll focus on three main points:

  • The thread of religion that weaves throughout French history—surprising given its reputation for being a secular nation today
  • Caesar, Gaul, and the Galatians as the background of the fierce tribe that Paul would encounter and that led him to write the New Testament letter “Galatians”
  • The Protestant Reformation’s ripple effect on France and its ramifications on not only that country’s politics and culture but even on the Founding Fathers in the American colonies

Here is a breakdown of the three parts:

  • Lesson One: The surprising thread of religion in French history—despite France’s strong secular reputation today
  • Lesson Two: A discussion of Caesar, Gaul and the Galatians as we journey back in time to the height of Julius Caesar’s brilliant conquest of the mighty Gauls—ancestors of the Galatians, whom Paul converted to Christianity
  • Lesson Three: The Protestant Reformation and its impact on the French Revolution

Who knew the interconnections of all these disparate threads woven into two different centuries? As we investigate the two centuries side by side, we’ll see how unmistakable their interconnection truly is.

Runtime: The total of the three lessons is 2 hours, 16 minutes.

Lesson 1 — 58 minutes

Lesson 2 — 54 minutes

Lesson 3 — 44 minutes


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