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Revelation: Unpacking Heavenly Symbols



(A Two-Part Bible Study)

If you’re facing tough challenges, Revelation is the book for you.

Revelation was written for people going through trials and tribulations of any kind. John of Patmos penned it late in the first century AD for the purpose of encouraging, galvanizing, and equipping its readers—both in that era and for all time—to face whatever challenge they endured, no matter how formidable and entrenched.


This talk condenses an in-depth course on Revelation that I originally gave to a group of students in person. It has been reduced from 20-plus hours to a manageable 4½ hours. And it has been split into two parts—the first is 2½ hours, the second about 2 hours—which allows students to take a break at the halfway point. (The break is especially ideal for group study.)

What is your understanding of Revelation? Perhaps you’ve tried more than once to delve into it but have given up each time, flummoxed by all the strange symbolism.

Well, then, I’d love to be your guide through this code-filled book, whose message is critical for those of us desiring to be strong Christians wearing the “armor of God” described by the writer of Ephesians (see Ephesians 6:13).

This Bible Study video talk with slides was created for you to delve into the final book of the New Testament. It gives you concrete ideas and tools that can help you surmount any obstacle in your life. After all, studying the Bible is meaningful only if you apply its lessons in practical ways.

The first part introduces Revelation, gives some historical context, then covers Chapters 1–6. Here, we examine the historical, symbolic, literary, political, geographical, and religious influences on the author—who is variously called John the Seer and John of Patmos—and on the first-century AD community in which he lived. We put particular emphasis on the many vivid symbols John presents—symbols that clearly come from his extensive knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The second part examines Chapters 7–22. We provide a handout (the large format has two slides per page and the regular format four slides per page). Since Revelation is an extremely visual book, the handout will help you follow along. The slides show us various artists’ interpretations of the author’s vivid descriptions.

In addition, we supply a third handout that provides a much-needed roadmap for the structure of John’s letter with its various visions and events.

Runtime: 4 hours, 11 minutes total

Session 1: 2 hours, 26 minutes

Session 2: 1 hour, 45 minutes


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