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Philippians: Paul’s Lesson in Joy



During this time of a declared worldwide pandemic and resulting economic strain, there’s no better tonic for these ailments than a deep dive into Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I say this because, in spite of challenging circumstances faced by both Paul and the people of Philippi who received his letter, the message that comes through loud and clear is how important it is to be joyful, regardless of our circumstances.

This virtual talk is appropriate for both teens and adults. (Speaking of teens, a big thanks to the Idaho chapter of DiscoveryBound—a national youth organization for Christian Scientists—for its sponsorship.)


This talk covers the brief letter that Paul wrote to his dearest supporters, the Philippians—members of the new Christian church he helped found in Philippi. Having been with them only briefly, Paul found himself in the midst of instant friends who caught his vision and who would support him in every imaginable way through the tough times he was to soon encounter. What indescribable joy comes through each chapter of Philippians!

That joy is underscored again and again, despite the hardships Paul was enduring when he wrote the letter and despite the onerous conditions the Philippians themselves were facing. Urging the Philippians to put their difficulties into perspective and remain faithful to Christ, the letter offers divine guidance to all spiritual seekers in every era.

Specifically, Paul explains how his imprisonment advances the Gospel. He teaches the seeker how to pray and how to share the Good News. And he gives spiritual guidance on being strong role models and on handling disputes with fellow Christians. In short, the letter is an exposition on what it means to live a joyful Christian life, a subject as relevant today as it was in the first century, when Paul was addressing the community of Christians he so loved.


Session 1: 1 hour, 19 minutes

Session 2: 57 minutes


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