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New Testament Audio Lectures Combo (Instant Digital Download Format – MP3)



FOUR GOSPELS: One Story, Four Perspectives

MATTHEW: The Christian’s Teaching Gospel

MARK: The First Eyewitness Account

LUKE: Understanding God’s Universal Embrace

JOHN: Revealing Christ’s Identity

ACTS of the APOSTLES: Movement by the Holy Spirit

PAUL: Apostle to the Gentiles

ROMANS: Paul’s Towering Final Letter

I CORINTHIANS: Paul’s Challenge to Corruption

GALATIANS: Paul’s Defense of the Gospel

EPHESIANS: Church and ‘The Body of Christ’

PHILIPPIANS:  Paul’s “Ode to Joy”

HEBREWS: Declaring Christ’s Supremacy

I THESSALONIANS: Early Lessons in Discipleship

HEBREWS:  Loving Christ’s Supremacy

REVELATION: Handbook for Spiritual Warfare




New Testament Studies: Audio Lectures Combo

Want to dive deeper into the New Testament? Broaden your New Testament studies with this 15 audio lecture combo pack from Bible Roads. Receive a 10% discount when you select this combo package of all 15 New Testament Bible Roads audio lectures by Madelon Maupin. These lectures will be delivered digitally so you can enjoy them right away in any audio player such as iTunes. All told, you will be receiving over 15 hours of history, background and inspiration from these life-changing books. If you have any questions regarding how to download these files or how to load them onto your phone or iPod, please visit this FAQ page.


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