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Mark Combo – CD and Study Workbook



Mark Study Guide: CD and Workbook Combo

Want to dive deeper into the book of Mark? Receive a 10% discount when you purchase this combo pack of the Mark CD and Study Workbook together.

What was it like in the first few decades following Jesus’ ministry? The Gospel of Mark is the closest we have, being the first written (about 30 years after the resurrection). This workbook begins with some historical, political and religious background on the decade of the 60’s in the first century when John Mark wrote this first Gospel. Each chapter has five to six questions meant for individual or group Bible study to help you see the underlying themes of each chapter and how the various texts and narratives relate to those immediately before and after. The questions also help the student see the macro themes of Mark, such as understanding Jesus’ identity — who did and who did not. There are blank pages to write answers in preparation for a group discussion as well as maps to orient students to the places Mark mentions.

The Bible study tools contained in this Bible Roads workbook are designed to create lively discussion and deep thinking, encouraging participants to work with commentaries but particularly bring their own insights to the study. Everyone will be helped by keeping in mind three basic Bible study questions: what does the text say? what does the text mean? what does the text mean to me? The questions will help you get to those deeper answers.

The benefit of having your own workbook, whether you’re studying individually or with friends in a Bible Study Group, is to have all your questions, responses, insights and notes from others in one, organized location. Then when you have your discussion, everything is right there, including reference maps and art work related to the text and period.

This kind of in-depth study can then be referred to for years to come because you’ll have both the questions and your answers, as well as notes from your study group. Enjoy your journey!

Enjoy your journey!


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