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Genesis Part 2: The Story Continues


We will continue our exploration into this remarkable first book of the Bible with “Genesis Part 2:  The Story Continues.”

We will now look to the second half of the book and address Genesis chapters 26-50.  The family story of Abraham’s kinsmen continues, beginning with Isaac, but primarily focusing on Jacob and his sons, who became the beginning of Israel’s Twelve Tribes.  These may be familiar stories but we will be looking in fresh ways at their cultural, political, authorship, and geographical facts to help us understand them more deeply and especially how we can bring their spiritual lessons forward today.



Participants will have a new workbook provided with 4-6 study questions per chapter.  The workbook will be available, as a PDF.   Some will want to no doubt print it out and have it bound, resembling the physical copy those who take the course in person at Cedar’s will receive.   In addition to preparing for class sessions by answering the questions, the workbook also provides a way to collect and organize notes from research and class discussions.


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