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Genesis Part II: The Story Continues (Chapters 26–50)



We continue our exploration of this remarkable first book of the Bible with Genesis: The Story Continues (Chapters 26–50).

The story of Abraham’s kinsmen continues. It begins with Isaac but focuses primarily on Jacob and his sons, who are the beginning of Israel’s Twelve Tribes. Likely these stories are very familiar to you, but we’ll be looking in fresh ways at their cultural and political backgrounds, at their authorship, and at the geographical facts with the goal of understanding them more deeply and applying their spiritual lessons to our lives.


Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Torah, is a landmark text. This second half of Genesis contains the dramatic stories of Jacob and Esau, followed by the doings of the twelve sons of Jacob, including Joseph, who plays a key role in Pharaoh’s Court and in saving his family—and all the people of Israel—from starvation during a famine.

There is an accompanying workbook with four-to-six study questions per chapter. It’s useful for both individual and group Bible study. If you’re participating in a group Bible study, you’ll need your own workbook. It is available in hard copy (Genesis Part II Bible Study Workbook) or as an instantly downloadable PDF (Genesis Part II Workbook PDF). The workbook also provides a way to collect and organize notes from research and group discussion.


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