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Daniel Combo – CD and Study Workbook



Daniel Study Guide: Workbook and CD combo

Want to dive deeper into the book of Daniel? Receive a 10% discount when you purchase this combo pack of the Daniel CD and Study Workbook together.

The stories of Daniel and his friends have been immortalized through the centuries, creating indelible memories of lion’s dens, fiery furnaces, jealousy, kingly terror, and more. But throughout its brief 12 chapters, Daniel’s love for God inspires us. The Daniel Study Guide Combo will help you explore how his courage and boldness are role models for today. Daniel’s courageous challenges to King Nebuchadnezzar were written to also inspire those under persecution in the 2nd century BCE. The CD set (2) explains the unexplored second half which introduces angels, and sets the apocalyptic groundwork for the New Testament’s book of Revelation.

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