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Daniel: Workbook PDF Download



The Bible study tools contained in this Bible Roads workbook are designed to create a lively discussion and deep thinking in your Daniel Bible study as you explore Old Testament history.  Who is this Daniel of the Bible?  What is the historical context for the stories and who actually wrote the book?  When did the stories take place and how is that different from the traditional notions of when this book was written?  Are Daniel and his friends’ real people that actually lived during the Babylonian captivity?  How can their courage and steadfast faith inform our own walk with God today?

You’ll learn these answers and more and then record them in your workbook as you explore this book of Daniel with friends in a small Bible study setting.  This kind of in-depth study can then be referred to for years to come because you’ll have both the questions and your answers, as well as notes from your study group friends,  to refer to whenever you want.

In addition to the hero stories about Daniel in the lions’ den, his three friends in the fiery furnace and other loved accounts children are often taught from the earliest age, you’ll discover the important latter half of Daniel that is the apocalyptic precursor of the New Testament book of Revelation.  Daniel is one of the last books written in the Hebrew Scriptures, and in addition to understanding the prophecy of Daniel, you’ll begin to understand more how this Old Testament book relates to the New Testament.  Enjoy your journey!

These and more are just the types of questions you and your friends might discuss in your small group sessions.  Your Daniel study guide can help you answer them with questions prepared for each chapter and plenty of space to record answers, a format many find helpful when preparing for a group discussion.

There is a 2-CD (or MP3 download) talk on Daniel that serves as a helpful overview to the book.  Bible Study groups would find it helpful to hear that as they launch their study.  Click on the link to find it.


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