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2nd Isaiah (Chapters 40–55)


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The prophet Isaiah is one of the most studied characters in the Old Testament. The historical setting of the book of Isaiah—including the political, military, and geographical background—helps unlock the spiritual message of this divine seer, who conveys comfort, hope, and even joy during a very difficult period.

Actually, Bible scholars believe this book is authored not by one person but by three authors over the course of three centuries. Studying the poetry and prose of Isaiah, one the most majestic books of the entire Bible, brings new insights to familiar passages and uncovers less well-known gems.

This 12-hour online video course that takes a deep dive into 2nd Isaiah Chapters 40–55. The course is perfect for individual study or for complementing discussions within your Bible study group. You also may be interested in using the 2nd Isaiah Bible Study Workbook as an additional aide to your group discussion.

Course Outline:

Runtime total for all 16 lessons: 11 hours, 20 minutes

Lesson 1: An Overview of the Old Testament (Runtime: 17 minutes)

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Lesson 2: Isaiah Introduction and Chapter 40 (Runtime: 65 minutes)

Lesson 3: Isaiah Chapter 41 (Runtime: 86 minutes)

Lesson 4: Isaiah Chapter 42 (Runtime: 64 minutes)

Lesson 5: Isaiah Chapter 43 (Runtime: 56 minutes)

Lesson 6: Isaiah Chapter 44 (Runtime: 39 minutes)

Lesson 7: Isaiah Chapter 45 (Run time: 60 minutes)

Lesson 8: Isaiah Chapter 46 (Runtime: 33 minutes)

Lesson 9: Isaiah Chapter 47 (Runtime: 35 minutes)

Lesson 10: Isaiah Chapter 48 (Runtime: 29 minutes)

Lesson 11: Isaiah Chapter 49 (Runtime: 47 minutes)

Lesson 12: Isaiah Chapter 50 (Runtime: 49 minutes)

Lesson 13: Isaiah Chapter 51 (Runtime: 49 minutes)

Lesson 14: Isaiah Chapter 52  (Runtime: 33 minutes)

Lesson 15: Isaiah Chapter 53 (Runtime: 37 minutes)

Lesson 16: Isaiah Chapters 54 & 55 (Runtime: 21 minutes)

How It Works:

This is a streaming online video course, which means that you will need to have a relatively high-speed internet connection each time you want to access the course. When you purchase the course, you will establish a membership with BibleRoads and a username and password to access that membership. You can watch this course any time you have a live internet connection available for your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Pricing Options:

Group pricing is available for Bible study groups of two or more participants.

  • Regular price for individual access: $225 ($15 per session)
  • Individual access for Bible study groups of 2 to 5: $75 per participant ($5 per session)
  • Individual access for Bible study groups of 6 or more: $59 per participant ($3.95 per session)


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