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Genesis Part I : Workbook PDF Download



The Bible’s first book, ‘The Book of Origins’ (as Genesis is referred to in Greek) divides into two parts:  the pre-history and creation stories (Chapters 1 – 11) and the Abraham family cycle of stories from Gen. 12 to the end, Gen. 50.  This workbook covers the first 25 chapters, ending at the death of Abraham, just as his son Isaac, is coming into view.  The workbook provides maps and historical background as well as insights into authorship (including the Documentary Hypothesis of the three distinct authors:  J, E and P.  Each chapter has 4 to 5 thoughtful questions to make the reader rethink how they might view such familiar material.  Having done this with a group of 100, I’ll just say they were astonished at the new insights reading and studying the chapters sequentially.

 This PDF version is for anyone worldwide and simply involves downloading it to print yourself or keeping the file on your computer or tablet.


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