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Biblical Community



We need to spiritually strengthen our communities during this unprecedented time of national and global challenges that seem to threaten our health, our economy, our social cohesion, even our humanity.

The purpose of this series of four talks on Biblical Community is to learn what our Bible teaches us about community and about banding together to face down an enemy. By looking at the vital role that spiritually minded individuals play in resisting the collective battle against whatever enemy appears, we learn how the children of Israel—and later the early Christian Church—were victorious whenever they obeyed God.

These talks are accompanied by PowerPoint slides that enable the audience to follow the content easily.

Runtime: The four sessions last one hour each.

Session 1 — How Community is forged through Mutual Respect
Session 2 — How Community is forged through Prayer
Session 3 — How Community is forged through the Holy Spirit
Session 4 — How Community is forged through Love



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