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Spiritual Sustainability: A Biblical Perspective (Combo of “Fire” and “Light” and “Nature Metaphors in the Parables”)


Purchasing all three in the bundle offers a 20% savings!


These three streaming video talks about the Bible’s spiritual uses of fire, light, and nature metaphors provide scriptural guidance for one of the most discussed topics of our time: sustainability. They have been combined here in a single package devoted to the subject of spiritual sustainability.

The downloadable PDF pamphlets that accompany each video have also been packaged in a single place, which you can find here: Spiritual Sustainability: A Biblical Perspective (3 Study Guides in Downloadable PDFs). These selections of readings and questions for each talk can be used for individual or group study, including teaching Sunday School classes.

Runtime: 4 hours

How it works:

When purchasing any of the streaming video talks given by BibleRoads, you will establish a membership, along with a username and password. Simply by logging in, you can access these streaming talks any time you have a relatively high-speed internet connection on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Pricing options:

There is a discount when you purchase the three talks together. Instead of $24.99 each (or $74.97 for all three), the combined package is $49.99, a savings of about $25.


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