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Romans: Bible Study Guide (PDF)



Paul’s magnificent letter to the Romans deserves—yea, calls out—to be studied.

Considered Paul’s tour de force, Romans was the last letter he wrote and the most extensive theologically. It’s a must for followers of Christ who want to understand more about grace, atonement, and faith—cherished Christian ideals.

Romans is also where so many Christians have found Paul’s teaching about sin to be transformative.

And in Romans Paul addresses the first-century challenge of whether you had to be Jewish to be a Christian.

Whatever hurdles you face on your spiritual path, you will find that what Paul provided to the Romans is completely practical and applicable for you today.

Each chapter of this workbook has between four and six thoughtful questions that reveal key themes. The questions are designed to prompt readers to think of new ways they might view such familiar material.

You will also want to listen to either the CD or the MP3 of “Romans: Paul’s Towering Final Letter,” available in the audio products section of this website.

This PDF version can be accessed by anyone worldwide. After you download it, you can either print it out for yourself or read the downloaded file on your computer or tablet.


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