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Nature Metaphors in Jesus’ Parables

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This 75-minute talk, titled “Nature Metaphors in Jesus’ Parables,” was presented at a Bible conference held, appropriately, near one of the most natural and beautiful of settings, Yosemite National Park!

Living as he did in an agrarian society, Jesus made vivid use of nature’s lessons. His “sower and seed” parable and his “tares and wheat” parable are two such examples. In fact, they are among the New Testament’s most loved and familiar teachings. Yet even though we know them well, they can always be further probed—and more gems mined from them.

This lecture does just that. It drills down on the background of the parables. It discusses the purpose of the parables. It focuses on the key elements of the parables. And it explains how the master Christian used the parables and why they appear in their specific places in the Gospel narratives.

The streaming video can be used for individual study or with a group of friends in either one or two sessions of a group Bible Study.

There is an accompanying document, Nature Metaphors in Jesus’ Parables (Study Guide Downloadable PDF), which contains readings and questions tied to the subject.

The package (video plus PDF download of questions) is $24.99. Each member of a Bible Study group can separately purchase the PDF handout for $2.99 per person. Since the video and PDF download are instantly available in the cloud after ordering, there is no CD or DVD or print document that needs to be mailed to you.

How it works:

When purchasing this streaming video lecture, you will establish a membership with BibleRoads, along with a username and password. Simply by logging in, you can access the lecture any time you have a relatively high-speed internet connection on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Runtime: 1 hour, 15 minutes


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1 review for Nature Metaphors in Jesus’ Parables

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