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Jesus’ Parables (12 hours)

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Matthew’s Gospel tells us: “Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds. In fact, he never spoke to them without using such parables” (Matthew 13:34 New Living Translation).

And so the evangelist launches his collection of Jesus’ parables—similar to what Luke does in Luke 15. These gems of Jesus’ treasured teachings have subsequently become integrated into the English language.

This 12-hour video course includes both background on and discussion of Christ Jesus’ 18 parables, which are scattered throughout Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Each “chapter” of the video is a distinct parable, except where single-versed stories are batched.

The video course is based on a four-day workshop in “Jesus’ Parables” given by BibleRoads in beautiful Colorado, where students met to explore these loved stories in depth. You will hear the narrator’s comments, background observations, and context for each parable. And you can catch the sense of the facilitated discussions of each loved story.

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There is an accompanying Jesus’ Parables Bible Study Workbook to this video course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 12 hours of video for this course are not downloadable on individual computers. Rather, they can be accessed through a link 24/7. There is a two-minute video showing individuals who have purchased the course how to access the various chapters of the video on their computers.

How it works:

This is a streaming online video course, which means you will need a relatively high-speed internet connection. When you purchase the course, you will establish a membership with BibleRoads and a username and password. After logging in, you can watch the online course any time you have a live internet connection on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Pricing options:

  • Regular price for individual access: $225 ($15 per session)
  • Individual access for Bible study groups of 2 to 5: $75 per participant ($5 per session)
  • Individual access for Bible study groups of 6 or more: $59 per participant ($3.95 per session)


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2 reviews for Jesus’ Parables (12 hours)

  1. Dennis McKinlay

    This was a wonderful opportunity to learn and think more about how the parables teach us to understand more about Christ’s teaching. I really liked the way you drew answers from the group rather than talking at us. It would have been easy for you to give your own answers and interpretation but by encouraging group participation and interaction, we all gained so much more, it forced us to think for ourselves. Developing more our own spiritual logic and understanding must surely be one of the objectives and successes of the workshop.

    It was an intense workshop but your energy, enthusiasm, sense of humour and drive, carried us all along and made sure we concentrated on the learning. I am in awe of your energy!

  2. Antoinette Glynn

    It was very interesting attending the Bible Study program for the second time, especially since the first time I attended I was bowled over by a completely new perspective on the Bible – it was as though I’d never read it properly before. The second program on Jesus’ Parables confirmed my feeling that the Bible is a textbook for life & we need to learn to study it thoroughly. This Bible Study program helps us do that & gives us the literary & analytical tools to deepen understanding & really dig into the treasures it holds which are such a blessing for us. Added to this increased appreciation of the Bible was sharing the love & support of the fellow attendees – what an inspiring & fabulous group of people who really live Christian Science. Overall, the Bible Study program was a wonderful experience which I’ll always treasure & whose benefits continue to grow & bless.

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