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Matthew: The Christian’s Teaching Gospel (CD or MP3)

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Although the book of Matthew launches the New Testament Canon, it wasn’t written first. How, then, was it given that place of honor?

Early church history shows that new Christians studied and read from the Gospel according to Matthew so frequently that it was accorded the #1 position in the New Testament. For, just as today’s students of Scripture seek Bible study tips, so did those early followers want advice on how to be a new Christian.

Try to put yourself in their position. You, like they, would desire to know: What is required of me to be a follower of Jesus Christ? How do I love my neighbor? What is the Kingdom of God? How do I resolve relationship problems? How do I pray? The Gospel of Matthew supplied all those answers, and more. Thus it came to be known as the guidebook, or handbook, for new adherents of The Way. No wonder this Gospel takes the lead in the New Testament Canon.

A pattern of teaching and healing is seen throughout Matthew’s five sections that mimics the structure of the Torah, or Pentateuch, and shows the relationship between Jesus and the Old Testament.

By the way, we offer an accompanying book—a Matthew Bible Study Workbook—that’s filled with questions and study tips for those just starting group Bible study.

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Runtime: 1 hour, 18 minutes

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3 reviews for Matthew: The Christian’s Teaching Gospel (CD or MP3)

  1. Brooks (verified owner)

    After years of hearing many good things about Madelon’s Bible courses, my wife and I were curious what her talks would be like. I guessed I would be the most likely taker, since my wife’s Bible knowledge is far better than mine. I had only to get into her opening summary of the Gospels and then her talk on Matthew to realize what a bargain we were getting. Madelon’s deep grasp and perspective of the authors and issues are instantly both obvious and inspiring. My wife’s take was, “Her portrayal of the timeline and the context of the issues is excellent. We need to get all of her lectures.”

    Brooks Helmick – Weston, MA

  2. KARENLEE MANNERINO (verified owner)

    Having purchased all of Madelon’s talks, but as CD’s and streaming – this Gospel on Matthew is a must. It is packed with information. Every time I listen to it, I grasp new information. It’s a good one to take notes on. This talk is one of my favorites. I highly recommend purchasing it!

  3. Jennifer Combs (verified owner)

    I wanted to let you know how much I learned about the book of Matthew.
    I always appreciate your deep understanding and knowledge about Biblical characters as well as your spiritual insights. Always inspirational.
    I highly recommend the talk to others!
    Thank you.
    J. Combs
    Golden, CO

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