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Deuteronomy: The Wisdom of Moses (CD or MP3)



Since the word “Deuteronomy” means “the Second Law,” we must ask: What, then, is the “first law”? And why was the book of Deuteronomy written, since it’s not a copy of that first law? You will find out the answers, we promise!

This talk is made up of three sermons that summarize the wilderness journey of Exodus and that encourage ongoing faithful obedience to God. We will address who wrote Deuteronomy, when, and for what occasion—as well as how readers can bring its lessons forward to today.

Here are two questions the talk asks: Why did Christ Jesus quote the book of Deuteronomy so often? And where in the Four Gospels did he do so? It is safe to say that if the Deuteronomy text is what Jesus pulled from his own memorization of the Hebrew Scriptures early in his ministry (during what is called “The Temptations”), then it must contain spiritual wisdom that we, too, can rely on during difficult times.

Although Deuteronomy is recognizable as Moses’ farewell address to the Israelites after the long wilderness crossing, there is more to say about it than that: There is a rich story to tell of when the book was written and why. Indeed, its fascinating history, authorship, and background illumine this special book of the five Books of Moses.

And keep in mind that it contains Judaism’s most sacred text: “The Lord our God is one Lord.”

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Runtime: 57 minutes

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