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John: Revealing Christ’s Identity (CD or MP3)

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From the earliest decades of the Christian era, each Gospel and its author became associated with a symbol. For John, the symbol is a soaring eagle, as his Gospel is considered the highest, most spiritual view of Christ Jesus.

The Gospel of John launches with a description of the Logos, a Greek term that he redefines to apply to Christ. Written in a different format (with its teaching-and-healing pattern) than the three synoptic Gospels (synoptic meaning “seeing all together”), John builds his understanding of Christ Jesus’ ministry around seven “signs,” which this talk explains.

The Gospel of John is also the only one to foretell the coming of the Comforter and the only one to declare the “I am” statements that Christ Jesus used to help us better understand him.

Consider gathering your friends and launching an in-depth study of John, using the companion John Bible Study Workbook. With study questions for each chapter, plus background information and maps, this workbook is a tool to help you study this most spiritual of Gospels in a systematized way that will yield the greatest results. Indeed, you will find John to be an extraordinary spiritual adventure.

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1 review for John: Revealing Christ’s Identity (CD or MP3)

  1. KARENLEE MANNERINO (verified owner)

    I have learned so much about the Gospel of John. I can’t recommend it enough. Each of the 4 Gospels have their own flavor. This one really has been very helpful in my Bible study.

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