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I Thessalonians, Philippians, Philemon (Philippians CD and Workbook Combo)



  • I Thessalonians, Philippians, Philemon Bible Study Workbook
  • Philippians CD


Want to dive deeper into the books of I Thessalonians, Philippians, and Philemon? You can do just that by purchasing this combo pack of their Study Workbooks and the Philippians CD—and receive a 15% discount in the bargain.

These three New Testament books are among the seven authenticated letters of the Apostle Paul. They are remarkable windows into what the early Church was wrestling with during the middle of the 1st century.

The Bible

study tools contained in this workbook and Philippians CD combo are designed to create lively discussion and deep thinking in your 12-hour online video course I Thessalonians, Philemon and Philippians.

CD runtime: 12 hours


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