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I Thessalonians/Philippians/ Philemon Workbook with Philippians CD Combo



  • I Thessalonians/Philiippians/Philemon Bible Study Workbook
  • I Philippians CD



The Bible study tools contained in this Bible Roads workbook are designed to create lively discussion and deep thinking in your online video course: “I Thessalonians, Philemon and Philippians“.

The benefit of having your own workbook, whether you’re studying individually or with friends in a Bible Study Group, is to have all your questions, responses, insights and notes from others in one, organized location.  Then when you have your discussion, everything is right there, including reference maps and art work related to the text and period.

In addition to background on the three letters of the great Apostle Paul, there are five to six questions per chapter for each letter.  The intention is that you will observe, interpret and apply whatever you learn.  And the questions are designed to encourage you to this pattern. What is happening in terms of the historical, political, geographical and religious context for the letters (observation)?  Then you can begin to interpret the text, as you best understand it, with the help of the study questions. And finally, consider how will you apply what you’ve learned today.
This kind of in-depth study can then be referred to for years to come because you’ll have both the questions and your answers, as well as notes from your study group.  Enjoy your journey!


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