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Hebrews (CD and Study Guide Combo)

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Want to dive deeper into the New Testament book of Hebrews? You can do just that by purchasing the combo pack of Hebrews CD and Study Workbook—and receive a 15% discount in the bargain.

This anonymous author builds a brilliant sermon meant to arrest spiritual drift within the new Christian community—thus its relevance today. The eloquent, familiar words joined with story-telling skill shine insightful light on familiar Hebrew Bible stories, all because of Christ Jesus.

Hebrews’ brilliant, anonymous author builds the case for Christ as the fulfillment of Judaism, serving mankind as both priest and prophet. By taking the two main offices of the Hebrew Scriptures and seeing their fulfillment in the person of Christ Jesus, the author builds an eloquent defense of Christ Jesus’ superiority over the old covenant (obedience to the Law) in the new covenant (grace through faith).

CD runtime: 1 hour, 16 minutes


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