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Genesis Part II: Bible Study Guide (PDF)



After completing the first 25 chapters of Genesis in Part 1, you will be ready to study this workbook, which covers chapters 26–50. Be prepared for a series of perplexing, astonishing, stunning stories!

We begin with the story of Isaac, and from there the stories keep getting richer and broader and deeper with each unfolding character. For example, in Jacob we encounter many dramatic moments, from his deception of his brother, Esau, to his flight out of fear to his trickster behavior to his love affairs. And that’s just one character in one story! By the end of Genesis, we’re convinced by how profoundly contemporary these ancient stories are.

Each chapter has between four and six thoughtful questions that reveal key themes. The questions are designed to prompt readers to think of new ways they might view such familiar material.

This PDF version can be accessed by anyone worldwide. After you download it, you can either print it out for yourself or read the downloaded file on your computer or tablet.


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