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Genesis: Book of Origins – Part I CD and Workbook



“Genesis: Book of Origins- Part I” covers chapters 1 – 25 of the total of 50 chapters of Genesis.  (Part 2 will come out in early 2021).  This CD (or MP3) provides the background and overview of this first book of the Torah and launch of the entire Hebrew Scriptures. The structure for the book of Genesis divides into two parts.  First is the pre-history and creation stories (Chapters 1 – 11).  Next is the creation of Israel with the Abraham family cycle of stories (Gen. 12 – 50).  In addition to the origin of earth, humanity and the animals, Genesis tells the origin of human language, brotherly dissension, the family, disobedience, sin, views of God, ecological disaster, human vocation and much more.

This CD (or MP3 download version) covers the first 25 chapters, ending at the death of Abraham, just as his son Isaac, comes into view.   The two CDs in this offering address background issues such as authorship, time of writing, audience, themes, structure, the theological focus so relevant to today.  All are intended to give you fresh insight into what may be familiar stories.  You will learn distinctions in how the different authors understood God and especially how these stories are applicable for us today, as well.   The companion workbook has pages for each chapter, in order, with 4 to 5 questions each.  They will help you dive below the surface to glean new insights.

Rembrandt painting of Abraham entertaining three angels from Genesis.

“Abraham serving the Three Angels”, Rembrandt (1606-1669)


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