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Acts of the Apostles: Bible Study Guide (PDF)



When people ask about forming a first-time Bible Study group, they usually ask which book would be best to begin with? My answer is unequivocally “Acts of the Apostles.” Its story-telling brilliance—shipwrecks, parables, narrative, speeches—is beyond compare.

Acts’ author, Luke, who also penned the eponymous Gospel of Luke, is one of the Scriptures’ most colorful writers. He keeps the lively action and dialogue in Acts going at a fast clip! But he also makes it clear that the most important point for readers to notice is how the Holy Spirit guided the actions of the early Church and see how it continues to influence our own lives and faith communities today.

Each chapter has between four and six thoughtful questions that reveal key themes. The questions are designed to prompt readers to think of new ways they might view such familiar material.

This PDF version can be accessed by anyone worldwide. After you download it, you can either print it out for yourself or read the downloaded file on your computer or tablet.


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