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Biblical Leadership Hints for US Presidential Election

Is it possible that the Biblical story of Israel’s evolution– from nomads to slaves to free people who chose their own government—can shed needed light on today’s Presidential election? All the way back to Abraham, God told this earliest of patriarchs that kings would be included in Abraham and Sarah’s descendants. “I will make you […]

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Paul’s Galatian Treatise on Defending Your Thinking

The second blog in this Galatians series highlights the world behind the Letter, including the circumstances and concerns of Paul and the Galatian converts. Paul set out to share the message of grace and salvation with the Gentiles, but Galatia was not a targeted area. Yet that’s where he ended up when becoming ill on […]

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Why Converting the Galatians was Tough!

This month we’re going to do another three part look at a single Biblical book: Paul’s letter to the Galatians. As in May with the three blogs on Jonah, we’ll look first at background, then circumstances and concerns of the individuals involved, and finally how to bring Galatians’ lessons forward. Today we start with Why […]

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